Friday 18 January 2013

Picture Post: The Chet in the snow

THE light was poor and the sky was grey. But there’s a rule that if there’s snow on the ground I have to walk down to Hardley Flood and see what’s going on. I’m not entirely sure why. It was bitingly cold of course and an easterly was whipping powdery snow off the trees and straight onto the camera lens. Parts of the Chet have frozen, but most was still liquid. It’s not quite the deep freeze of winter 2010 – at least not yet.

Hardley Flood snow 001

Frozen in at Loddon Staithe

Hardley Flood snow 013

Bleak on the path between Chet and Flood.

Hardley Flood snow 034

High Tide ice. (See also cardboard ice.)


  1. Did you know they are getting nearer to rebuilding the weir at Hardley Flood

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