Sunday 6 December 2015

Wherryman's "No Way"

IT GETS worse on the Wherryman's Way in the Loddon area. The closure I mentioned back in July has now been extended all the way back to Chedgrave. And it's the fact that the council is not going to even look at the problem until the early summer of 2016 which is really annoying local people. What follows is verbatim from this week's Beccles and Bungay Journal. You can find the full article here: 
"The area around Hardley Flood, which forms part of The Wherryman’s Way - a 35-mile footpath running between Norwich and Great Yarmouth - has been closed by Norfolk County Council due to the erosion of two bridges and the path becoming unstable.
 The council has said work to assess the problem will not start until early summer, causing frustration among residents, councillors and businesses which are losing trade as a result of the closure.
Andrew Milner, who lives in Chedgrave and has been walking the route for the past 25 years, said: “Last winter two of the four bridges at Hardley Flood started to collapse because the bank washed away.
“In the summer they extended the closure back to Chedgrave Common and now they have extended it all the way back to Chedgrave itself.
“They have closed off a huge section of the footpath which means that the circular walk is now closed off, as well as the short walk people do from Chedgrave to the common and to the bird hide on Hardley Flood, which brings lots of tourists in."
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