Thursday, 14 April 2011

A new start for the New Inn

New Inn

GREAT news from Rockland St Mary courtesy of local resident Tony P. As Tony’s photo makes clear, the New Inn will re-open this Saturday. Wherryman’s Web regulars will remember that this pub closed in a hurry last November. Boat owners love it for its position at the head of Boat Dyke. Walkers and villagers make good use of it too. I’ve yet to establish whether this means there is a new leaseholder in place (good) or whether Punch Taverns have installed a manager (less good, see comment on this previous story). But to be fair Punch has at least lived up to its pledge in February that the doors would  reopen by Easter. Here’s to a new start at the New Inn.

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  1. I think New Inn will be appreciated too by the locals and the boat owners. We wish you all the best.