Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Now the New Inn closes


FIRST the Loddon Swan closed and now the New Inn at Rockland St Mary has shut its doors. So what’s happened? I asked Punch Taverns who sent me an email saying: “Our priority is to re-open the New Inn. We are currently in discussions with our leaseholder about the closure of the New Inn and hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible.” It’s a statement which begs more questions than answers, but let’s hope the inter-regnum is a short one. At least in Loddon and Chedgrave,  Wherryman’s Way walkers have a choice; in Rockland the New Inn is the last pub standing. In fact it’s the only boozer on the route for miles – Coldham Hall is the nearest upriver and the Beauchamp Arms down. Boat owners too will miss out. This pleasant little cul-de-sac off the Yare includes a trip across Rockland Broad and it’s made all the more appealing by the site of the pub just beyond the staithe.  I’m constantly amazed at how quickly landlords come and go at these places. Do they get bored? Do they move on to another pub? Is it not financially viable – in which case why is there always someone else to take over? Can anyone out there explain?


  1. Simple.
    It is the pubs owned by the "pub chains". Punch, Enterprise, Pubmaster and the like.
    They charge stupidly high lease and rental prices and give the landlords virtually no chance of succeeding. Then most seem to force the landlords to buy beer, gas etc from them at inflated prices.
    They seem to make most of their money by selling the leases to one after another potential landlords who then fail to make the business pay.
    When a pub breaks free of these "pub chains" they usually thrive. The Pleasure boat at Hickling being a recent example.

  2. I'm afraid Anonymous is right. Punch want 600 quid a week to lease this pub. plus rates, electric, water, wages - the list goes on. Plus Punch charge top whack for a restricted range of products. Making the pub pay, particularly in winter must be nigh on impossible. I'm afraid I wouldn't risk it even if I did have the capital.

    Such a shame though, lovely little boozer.


  3. Obviously Punch are well practiced in this routine – just compare their statement above with their explanation for the closure of the King’s Head in Cromer reported in the EDP today. (24th November)

    “A spokesman for pub owner Punch Taverns said: “Our priority is to reopen the King’s Head. We are currently in discussions with our leaseholders about the closure of the pub and hope to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”