Friday, 25 February 2011

A new start for the New Inn


The owners of the New Inn at Rockland St Mary say they hope to have the pub re-opened by Easter. There are no guarantees, say Punch Taverns, but certainly that’s the plan and they’re “currently talking to interested parties”. Phew, some hope for this classic Wherryman’s Way staging post at last. But it’s becoming  a familiar pattern isn’t it? Close down as winter approaches, re-open with a quick link of paint come the Spring. If it is that difficult to make a go of it throughout the year, then perhaps some pubs are going to have to make this pattern official and try to cut the overheads in the process.  And perhaps so-called “micropubs” are the way ahead. There are none in our part of the region, but a boozer in Kent keeps winning awards by keeping it simple, low key and low-cost. The Butchers Arms at Herne is a free house – a whole different ball game admittedly – but I wonder if it shows the way ahead for some of our back of beyond Broads pubs.


  1. It will only survive as a free house; the Punch model is a failure.

    Bewrae, they may be putting a manager in and that really is the kiss of death.

  2. 2nd August 2011. This pub has again re-opened in July with new landlords and have so far done a great job - greeting everyone with a warm welcome and nothing is too much trouble. First and foremost come the beers and my husband is a connoisseur of his favourites and was most impressed with the standard of the beer. A great deal of knowledge and trouble has gone into making sure its one of the nicest pints you will have. We tried the food too for lunch and were suitably impressed to try it again next week one evening. The new landlords want to make this pub work and are intent on making that happen. Cant fault them so far and wish them the very best of luck. Will be supporting you. Well worth a visit if you are going past for any reason - cycling, driving, boating, walking the dog or are bored! Take a look. Sue and Ian Watts