Thursday, 8 April 2010

An old mill with no name


FOR every windmill that’s been restored or converted I would guess at least five or six have disappeared. But what about these forgotten stumps ..often in the middle of nowhere. This one is on the Reedham Ferry road at Nogdam End .At least as far as Ordnance Survey is concerned, it doesn’t have a name and it certainly doesn’t have much of a use, despite the corrugated iron extension. But it’s a beautiful spot on a crystal clear spring morning. The dyke next door throbs with bird life; today reed warblers were squabbling in the branches of the stunted trees. But best of all a pair of barn owls live inside. Be prepared for them to swoop out as you clamber in. Some places don’t need to be either restored or knocked down. They’re great just sitting there, quietly surviving.

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