Sunday, 11 April 2010

Don’t pay the ferryman …with Visa


SAT-NAVs are of course the work of the devil, but nevertheless I chuckled when I heard how they’re boosting takings down at Reedham Ferry. Apparently the GPS software regularly takes people along the route which connects the back end of Loddon to Reedham courtesy of the wonderful vehicle ferry.

The trouble is that people brainlessly follow the instructions …not realising there really is a ferry.They are genuinely gobsmacked to find a huge river between them and the next bit of road. It’s a brilliant example of the dangers of turning off your brain and not looking at a map. (Note for sat-nav users: rivers are helpfully marked in nice wavy blue lines.) Best of all, most of the hapless victims are businessmen and sales reps; the kind of people who are all suited and booted, but struggle with the concept of loose change. And then they offer the ferryman their credit card …which always goes down a storm.

*For full details on why you really shouldn’t have a sat-nav, try Map Addict by Mike Parker.

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