Thursday, 23 July 2015

Wearily waiting for a weir

Hardley Flood

SO when is one of Norfolk’s major footpaths not a major footpath? When it’s the Wherryman’s Way and there are pricy repairs waiting to be done, it seems.
I haven’t been down there myself recently, but word reaches me that a bridge over a weir next to Hardley Flood still hasn’t been replaced months after problems first arose.
That means we’re in peak season and you can’t complete the Wherryman’s Way without taking a diversion which seems to be barely publicised on the route itself. Responsibility seems to lie somewhere between the Broads Authority and the county council. All you get on the Wherryman’s Way website is “We are currently investigating solutions to this and will post details of timescales here when we have them”.

Call me a pessimist, but that feels like early 2016 least.

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