Saturday 11 May 2013

Surlingham: A facelift for St Mary’s


PREPARE for a warmer welcome at St Mary’s Surlingham in the months to come. To be honest, I’ve never had any other kind of welcome at this well-loved church directly on the Wherryman’s Way. But the parish has long felt that it hasn’t got good enough facilities to do the job properly.

Now lots of local fund-raising combined with a £38,000 grant means they’re preparing the ground for a £77,000 extension. That means a new kitchen and toilets plus disabled access to the building as a whole.

“Until now the church has been used in a limited way for community events,” said organiser Louise Swift.

“But the lack of facilities made it difficult.  When the building is finished several local groups plan to make greater use of the church and more concerts and exhibitions will be possible.  Sunday afternoon 'teas' on this part of the Wherryman’s Way are also a possibility!”

* More on this project at and click on “special interest”.

* Find out more about the Community Construction Fund here.

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