Friday, 18 February 2011

Another bleedin’ blog


JUST a quick word to say that I’ve got another blog up and running …I know, one was  more than enough wasn’t it? It’s because I’ve started to write a second book – provisionally called Riverside Norwich. For much of the time I wrote the Wherryman’s Way in splendid isolation. But this time I’m experimenting by posting regular updates on a separate blog to show what I’m researching and how I think I’m doing. And, crucially, asking people for their suggestions. Riverside Norwich will look at every inch of the Wensum and the Yare across the Greater Norwich area, it will for example take in Lakenham (Yare) and Taverham (Wensum); two areas where I bet very few residents know much about their local waterway. Like the Wherryman’s Way book, this one will include riverside walks and I’m also keen on helping canoeists find good spots to get in and out. (Is it me or is canoeing really starting to take off?) There are two big caveats. One, I  haven’t got a book deal yet and two, not a single person has commented on that site yet! But hey, it’s early days. The last book  took five years, so don’t hold your breath on the follow-up. It’s my “difficult second album” remember. So in future it’s Broads stuff on this blog and “Riverside Norwich” stuff on the other one. Finally thanks to @overbychristmas on twitter for focusing my mind on the difference between the two.

* Picture shows the Yare just upstream from Lakenham, one of several beautiful reaches only accessible to us paddlers. Riverside Norwich can be found here.

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  1. I think it's a great idea for a book Steve. In my youth it always seemed odd that the city had turned it's back on the Wensum.

    The riverside was ugly and unloved from Whitlingham to Taverham. The last 15 years have seen the City slowly turn to face the river once more and whilst not being a total success it has provoked much thought about the very existence of Norwich and it's relationship with the river that has been it's very lifeblood.

    Lets face it, with no riverside there would have been no Norwich.

    I really look forward to following your new adventure.