Thursday, 21 March 2013

Picture Post: Buckenham and Cantley


AERIAL photographer Mike Page continues to get some great shots. These latest photos show just how wet the Yare Valley is after a sodden start to 2013. From a WW perspective the first one also shows just how splendidly isolated The Beauchamp Arms is. That’s Carleton Beck winding its way down to the river in the foreground. The road to the pub is shown by the avenue of poplars. Buckenham Marshes lie on the other bank. And with Katy W’s help, we think that the light-coloured building almost on the horizon is Hassingham Church.


This next one downriver is even wetter. We’re now looking across the marshes towards Cantley with the sugar works looking oddly insignificant on the far left. Thanks as ever to Mike for his generosity in sharing his photos.

* Mike Page’s website can be found here.


  1. I think the white building might actually be the church at Hassingham:

    The hall is hidden behind trees from this direction as far as I can tell.

    Thanks to you and Mike for sharing these photos - I know someone who walked the Way the week before last, and it's a real insight into the conditions!

  2. Katy I think you're absolutely right.
    I'll change the text accordingly.