Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ghosts of St Andrew’s at Whitlingham


HERE’S a spot that doesn’t see much in the way of human traffic. Sure, cars from the A47 southern bypass zoom past the remains of St Andrew’s Church off Whitlingham Lane, but it’s a struggle to get up close on two legs. I haven’t been here since I got a photo for the Whitlingham chapter of my book a good four or five years ago. 121

But on a beautiful spring evening with a low sun it’s always hard to resist the urge to search for a perfect picture. 

St Andrew’s had lain empty since the 17th century, but its round tower collapsed as recently as 1940. I love abandoned churches, even if the remains are as scattered and as insubstantial as they are here. Just a shame I ripped a huge hole in the trousers of my best whistle-and-flute on barbed wire getting the photo.

* For a photo of St Andrew’s as it used to be, try the recently updated Trowse website.

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