Saturday, 10 September 2011

A poke around Polkey’s

DWW12-2A QUICK shout from mills expert Alison Yardy. She and her colleague Amanda will be opening up Polkey’s Mill tomorrow between 1pm and 4pm. The old steam engine house next door will also be open for visitors. The mills form part of the unique Reedham Marshes Mill group which together comprise a complete history of Broads drainage mills. Basic windmill, more modern windmill, steam, diesel and electricity, they’re all here. Alison adds that she now opens them up twice a year, but are always open to requests for group visits on other occasions. Polkey’s Mill is – famously – in the middle of nowhere to the east of Reedham on the Wherryman’s Way. It obeys the first law of the WW too – the more out of the way the attraction, the better it is.


  1. A wonderful place to stop when boating, usually have the moorings to ourselves waiting for the tide to go through GY. Really interesting location.


  2. Many thanks for the mention Steve. We were really pleased to meet around 40 visitors on Sunday afternoon - with quite a few from Reedham village.