Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Half-pint, half-monster: Rockland’s ugly duckling

half pint2

FIVE elegant timbers symbolically rise from the ground at Rockland Staithe to symbolise the submerged hulks of 13 sunken wherries on Rockland Broad. The wherry was of course one of the most graceful, beautiful vessels ever to be designed. And then just across the staithe, there’s this. Not exactly Brooms of Brundall is it? You might call it a monstrosity. But actually it is so spectacularly, hideously awful it’s almost a masterpiece. Closer inspection reveals the roof to be made of garden decking while the windscreen is a household window. Various other pieces of wood combine with angle-irons to keep the whole contraption together. Inside there’s even some loft insulation wedged against the uprights. How? Why? Who? If you know who Half Pint belongs to please drop me a line. I have so many questions for the designer.

* Thanks to Tony P for the tip-off. There’s more on this at the Norfolk Broads Forum.

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