Friday, 12 February 2010

A new chapter for the Ferry Boat - at last

SO the old Ferry Boat in Norwich is going to become a backpackers' hostel. Does that deserve two cheers or three? If you've read previous posts, you'll know the score by now. King Street is arguably Norwich's first street and it used to be chock-a-block full of businesses, ferries and pubs. Therefore - because all the other pubs have disappeared - this riverside building is quite important to the city's history. And yet if it's not going to survive as a pub, we could do a lot worse than a hostel. According to the BBC news website the Ferry Boat has been bought by the family which runs the Deepdale Farm hostel on the north Norfolk coast. Down here they plan canoeing, cycling and a cafe as well as accommodation. Could it become the unofficial start of the Wherryman's Way in the future?

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