Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cold comfort at Coldham Hall

BAD news on the pub front. Coldham Hall Tavern has closed ...or rather is closed at the moment. We all know that pubs have had it tough, but surely this place should have everything going for it? It is a great-looking building set in gorgeous grounds right on the river's edge. The blurb on the windows dates back to March 20th and says that it was "repossessed by the landlord following forfeiture of the lease by peaceable re-entry".

For those who don't know Coldham Hall is in Surlingham, bang on the Wherryman's Way. Brundall is directly opposite on the north bank and a passenger ferry survived until the early 1970s. There used to be tea rooms too; the pub was a favourite place for pleasure steamers to stop in the first half of the last century. One would hope that a new tenant will be found very soon. Certainly at the moment the place looks very sad.

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